If you can't stand the heat...Metropolis Resort!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last winter, my family & I took a pretty awesome 'vacation' - or staycation really, as we traveled just 90 miles down the road...

We had every intention of getting back there, but the hours fly by into days which fly by into weeks...AND, this has been an impossibly hot summer, throwing us heat indexes of up over 100 degrees for days on end.

We have thick skin up here in the 'Nort - but thick skin doesn't help you when you feel like you are choking on the humidity! What can you do...what can you do...this is summer...

What can you do??

Metropolis Resort!
That's what! What a perfect time to get back there...
but there was still the looming question...

Our little guy was tall enough for everything he wanted to do last time...

EXCEPT...the bumper cars!
Drum roll please...

I now present you...our just tall enough boy!

He had a BLAST on the bumper cars...
going again and again and again!

this folks, is where that unlimited Action City play card comes in...
I've told you all about it before - $25.00 for unlimited play (ages 5 & under are FREE with a paid adult...)

Sure, you can't do everything, like, the ticketed games...but really...
Do you want to spend all that money to earn tickets to pick out a *prize* anyway?

Unlimited Laser Tag, Bowling, Go Garts, Bumper Cars, tons of different video games, air hockey, rock climbing, the wild outdoor maze - There is PLENTY to do with an unlimited action city card!

One of the things I really wanted to do was check out the infamous LOCKER ROOM~

(Secret hint: If you like Metropolis on Facebook, on days that they don't sell out this cool room, you will see them posting special rates for it and you can snag up this room that sleeps 20 for a great great price!)

Anyhoo - I asked the nice gals at the front desk after we checked in, if we could possibly sneak a peek at this room if the occupants of THAT room hadn't checked in yet...and she happily obliged!

The kids wasted no time checking out the bunk beds...

I had visions of booking this room for just my family and each of us having OUR OWN BED!


It really was as cool as it looks on their website -
in room games to keep the kids going going going...
(Without us having to go go go go go after them!)

and a super long counter space to feed the troops after a long day in Chaos Water Park and/or Action City!


I totally have visions of booking this for a birthday soon!
The weather was hot and muggy and sticky and well, gross...

While we didn't want to spend all day long outdoors ~ it wasn't so bad getting out and playing a few rounds of Mini Golf! (included in the unlimited pass card mentioned above!)

They had a great time...shouting 'hole in 7!' HA!
(Like Father like Son!)

When it got too sticky for us outside, we headed back inside...

Oh how they love challenging themselves, and each other, on the Rock Climbing Wall!

And cooling off with a refreshing treat from the DQ...right. on. site!

In the evenings, Metropolis Resort fires up a gorgeous fire pit and has S'Mores!

That was a special treat!

They also offer outdoor movies and scavenger hunts too in the evenings here! How does one fit it all in!

Just like last time, the Go Carts were a family favorite -

We even let Daddy do some of the Speed Rounds alone while we cheered him on! (some races are family friendly, some are just for the 'big kids')

H and Daddy practicing their Dance Moves!

After playing a couple hundred indoor games... and swimming, floating along the lazy river and a little bit of hot tubbin' -

It was back outside for a new challenge...
An A.MAZE.ing MazE!

It really was as hard (and fun!) as it looks!

There were 14 stations inside this maze, each with a different paper punch - punch all 14 spots and redeem inside for prizes! (Even though this was included in our Action City unlimited card, they still reward your efforts with tickets for completing this maze! awesome!)

All in all, a GREAT weekend - Even though it was hot and humid OUTSIDE, we were able to spend two nights away from home, laughing, playing, swimming, laser tagging, bowling, bumper car'ing, and eating s'mores and ice cream...

Don't you just love family vacations that truly are fun for everyone?

It's official, Metropolis Resort is a great place for families in all seasons!

*** A huge thank you to Metropolis Resort for providing my family with a gift certificate to off set some of the costs of our weekend stay to facilitate this summer season review. The words and opinions are my own, and it should be obvious by the pictures we took, that our family had a GREAT time! ******


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