Liz Logelin Foundation 5k - 2011 Walk, Run, Hope.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

For the last four Septembers, a group of friends and strangers and stranger friends have come together in the Twin Cities to Run, Walk, Hope for what has now become The Liz Logelin Foundation.

This foundation has come a long way since that first year -

And while I wasn't involved this year on the events committee as I have been in the past, we still went out as a family to support a cause that we so very much believe in.
It was so great to see so many amazing friends, and stranger friends...out there raising money and giving hope.

Friends from Coast to Coast, literally, New York to California...and lots of places in between.

And this year, some very special 5k guests...

None other than the Hubs & his Buddy Cook...
(next year will we see more Longshots representing???)

Having just gotten into running...these guys did amazing...just past the 30 minute mark!
(official time to come soon...)


Jeff & Rob - after completing their first official 5k

I should also mention that I had handicapped the hubs from the very get go.

I wasn't heavily involved this year and not volunteering like in years past, because I have a lot on my plate & I thought it would make things easier for my life.

HA! Turns out, I had to literally push the hubs out of a moving vehicle, where he then had to sprint a half a mile just to get to the check in/starting line in order to make it, (with about 37 seconds to spare) before the start of the race...

I then had to find a place to park and get the rest of us there as well.

Aye Aye Aye.

This meant that me & my Sister in Law, who so graciously came to support the foundation from otu of town (AND babysit for us as well...) didn't even get to walk in the 5k.


So...I shed a few tears and collected myself...

Just in time because the kids decided they were going to run the 1 mile fun run...

And oh what fun they did have!

this little man joined in about a minute late...but still continued to run the whole thing...he did amazing!

He was so happy, and proud.

He was SURE he was in first place...because no one passed him, but he passed lots of kids...

I really have no clue how he fared, but we told him he took 2nd place...because Matt didn't call his name for winning 1st when the awards were handed out.

(He stood there so patiently waiting for Matt to call him out...he was just sure he won this gig. Poor kid was a bit deflated...but my word he's only 4. And he ran an entire mile...and had fun doing it...and could have kept going another mile if we'd of let him!)

He's been reassuring himself all weekend long that 2nd place is 'pretty good' - and is telling everyone that will listen.

(Much like his father, he hates to lose!)

Not to be outdone by her younger brother...

A certain someone also ran the entire mile...

Yes, in PJ's and flip flops.

The entire mile.

She actually took off first, before her brother...

Who knew she wanted to run the whole mile!

Great job kiddo! You were just as amazing as your brother was!


It was awesome to have my entire family there this weekend, as well as some of our dear dear friends...all coming together to raise money & support a cause that means so very very much to a lot of people.

So, who's in for next year?

If I start planning now, maybe I'll make it on time!


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