Twin Time...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remember these teeny tiny friends?

They were born three months ago - on DIFFERENT DAYS! to our dear dear friends...

Well, they've grown a little bit since we've seen them last!

I tried to get my girl to hold both babies again -but her confidence was lacking ~ not quite as easy to schlep a couple of babies this size around at the same time as it was when they were just 5 pounds!
Nor did she really have enough room in her lap for the both of them -

But WOW are they ever ADORABLE!

Robert & Robert! YAY!

The weather was pretty chilly but we decided to do a quick impromptu photo shoot anyway -

MJ & RJ - Three months old!

Isn't their mother GORGEOUS!

Man, she doesn't even look like she birthed twin babies 3 months earlier!

Adorable Family!

Father & Son

My little helper...

She wonders just as we do how on earth they grow so fast!

But still enjoys them all the same...


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