Just Write - The Merry Go Round

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I hear the Merry Go Round spinning faster and faster.



So loud, it’s quiet.

The quiet…it’s deafening.

I used to be on this roller coaster.

Spinning, Swirling. Laughing.

Somehow. Someway. I fell off.
I’m not exactly sure when I fell.

I stand up. I dust myself off.

I have no visible bruises. No cuts. No scratches. No broken bones.

Yet. I hurt.
Something hurts.

I stand in the midst of the loud deafening silence.

::swoosh:: ::swoosh:: ::swoosh::

My head swivels as I take it all in.

I wait, frozen in place, waiting for the right time to jump back on.

Is there a right time?

Has the deafening silence ::swoosh:: ::swoosh:: ::swoosh:: made it impossible to find my way back on?

I watch them: spinning, swirling, laughing.

Do I even want back on this Merry Go Round…

Or do I simply make my way over to the slide?

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Galit Breen said...

I love the swoosh, and I love that you jumped back on. It's lovely reading your words again. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

Love the play on words in this post, Darcie! Really beautiful.

frugalmommieof2 said...

Love it.

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