Mother's Day Shopping with Eden Fantasys

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother's Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Isn't every day Mother's Day when you are a mom? MOM? Mom? MOOOOMMMMM! 
It sure feels like every day is Mother's Day with all of the attention sent my way daily! HA!

I love it though - I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We aren't all that big on these kinds of holidays around here ~ Christmas and kid birthdays? Sure. We are all over that...
But, Mother's Day? Well, unless you count the year that my husband got himself me that shiny new mustang (was that really four years ago already? WOW!) then the biggest gift we do around here is the gift of sleeping in.

Priceless in my opinion. For that reason, I wish Mother's Day was EVERY Sunday! I've been thinking about what I would really, truly want for Mother's Day though, in all seriousness, that IS attainable. I've told the kids I could use a new frying pan, a new garden gnome or two ~

But if I'm sending my hubs shopping - EdenFantasys is a great place for him to start!

Now, before you all go jumping to conclusions thinking ::gasp:: sex toys!! Stop and think about the MANY wonderful things that EdenFantasys has to offer.

I'm talking about gorgeous little gift sets like the Belleza Box Massage Kit  -

or, maybe the Camu Camu (one of my favorite scents ever!) Bath Milk to unwind with after a long day at the office in our sparkling new bathtub?

Other great ideas? ~ Massage Candles, ~ Robes, or ~ EdenFantasys gift cards for that special someone in your life to pick out her own somethin' somethin' -

They really do offer something for everyone -
And...before you check out, don't forget to use coupon code XOXO to save 20% on all orders!

And, I encourage you to check out EdenFantasys shipping policy ~ Not only do you get free shipping on all orders of $59 or more, but privacy is of the utmost importance to them! Plain boxes delivered to your doorstep, credit card statements that read generic 'web merchant' - how can you go wrong?

Happy Mother's Day!

*** Opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. I will be given a gift certificate to use at EdenFantasys in exchange for sharing them with you. ***


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