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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two weeks ago, the kids had the opportunity to particiate in a Fun Run Fundraiser at their school, raising funds for Project Playground ~ Project Playground is the Fundraising initiative trying to raise the 80,000 needed to build a new playground at our school. (YIKES!)

The fun run came up pretty quickly and we had just one day to solicit pledges, which was frustrating - but hey, you do what you can with what you have to work with right?
A HUGE thank you to those who did offer pledges to our girl ~ She ended up being a top fundraiser in her class, earning her a gift card to a local sporting goods store! Imagine what we could have done if we'd of had this form in hand for a couple of weeks?

The Savage Pacer (see page A14) ran a little story on the Project Playground Fun Run -
(Click the images to enlarge them enough to read)

Is there anything cooler than seeing your picture in a newspaper when you are a kid?

 We don't get the Savage paper, but our daycare provider was kind enough to cut it out for us, and she even had Derek autograph the picture! Oh my HEART!

                          Autographed his first, middle and last name, in pencil at the bottom of the pic! #love
I'm not exactly sure why I didn't bring my 'real camera' to the Fun Run - and for some other unknown reason, I didn't even bring my point and shoot - all I had was my crusty old Droid - which takes really terrible photos...
I got lucky on this day though - and I managed to get a few shots to commemorate the event!

 These two are becoming fast friends - Not only is the handsome fella in red in H's class, he's also one of her boyfriends...(so that's pretty fitting that her brother is buddies with him right? We're only starting this, oh, 20 years earlier than I'm ready for! ACK!) &...
We've learned that his family also lives within walking distance of our own home! YAY!
Kindergarten Classmates & Running Buddies!
The kids had a great time at the first Fun Run and surely there will be another one in the future as the kids work to raise the funds for Project Playground - I just love seeing the friendships they are forming ~ and pray that it will be like this for them for years and years to come.

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