Cheer for the Minnesota Twins Today!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How's that cheer go?

We're gonna win Twins.
We're gonna score....

Well, the game didn't go much like that this weekend when the Minnesota Twins took on the Chicago Cubs ~ but, fun was had all the same.  I had originally gotten tickets for the hubs for his birthday to go with some friends - but when we found out it was Joe Mauer Jersey give away day - we thought we should maybe get the kids in on the action.

When you make plans like this, no one can predict that it's going to be one THOUSAND hundred degrees outside with not a cloud in the sky - so, you just take what life gives you and you roll with it!

We had great seats...great seats in the upper deck, in the sun.
After a couple of innings, we moved ourselves back a few rows and enjoyed a little shade on the upper deck - that saved the game for me and a few little kids I'm afraid!

Best Buds all around!

Yes, I took 10 dozen pics like this - all trying to get our boy to take a decent photo!

The $9.00 Meatball. O-kaaaay?

Making Memories at Target Field!

KISS CAM! Mom style!

We had heard that on Sundays, kids get to run the bases at Target Field ~ Wow! Really?
That sounds like a fun experience -
to be on the ball field, to see what the players see from way down low~
A once in a lifetime sort of gig?

The kids waited in the longest. line. ever!!!!!! by entertaining themselves and me snapping pics ~

And finally, we made it onto the field ~

The younger boys stopped to pose for a quick picture.

              And then us and sixty thousand Twins fans filed around the field in single file, orderly fashion.
There were strong arms in light blue shirts positioned every couple of feet making sure that no one got anywhere near the grass.
Yes, we got near the grass. And yes, we got in trouble.
Ok, maybe three times.

Hey, when you are 4, 5 & are curious about what that awesome looking stripey grass might look/feel like up close. Shoot, I'm curious and I'm 4+5+6+more!

Just like that, they were off - the two little blue shirts, the tank top & the red shirt were our 'party' ~

D coming across home plate at Target Field!

Hailey, Madison and Ev crossing home plate - though, because of the blue shirts and all of the rules - I wasn't allowed to stop and take pictures...had to 'keep it moving - keep it moving!!!'

PFFFT! Rules Schmules!

But not before I quickly grabbed a pic of each of the kiddos with their Daddy on the field!! Which is when I was strong armed by a gray haired in a blue shirt who grabbed my elbow and repeated the mantra


Sheesh people!! We. ARE. MOVING! OKAY!?!
(notice the line of people around the outside edge of the field in the above pic? yep, there were a lot of folks making memories on this particular day!)

I get the need for order and streamlining and rules and regulations and processes - but I'd by lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in the experience (a little bit anyway.) You wait in this super long line that wraps around and around and around like something at Disney World or your local bank, it's 100 degrees outside and you are in this concrete cavern for what feels like hours (it was probably more like 30, 40 minutes)...and then you finally get to see the light of day as you hit the field and the whole process takes 37 seconds from start (when you step onto the field) to finish (when they are shooing you up and out through the stands.)

The only pictures taken were quickly grabbed on the fly as I kept moving along - thank heavens for DSLR cameras! I'd of gotten NOTHING with my cell phone or my regular point and shoot as the shutter wouldn't of gone off before we were shoveled off the field! HA!

Yep. A once in a lifetime experience!
(Don't want to do that again anytime soon!!)

The boys had fun - they made memories...that is all that matters -
and we did get a handful of pictures to prove it!

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Stacie Raye said...

I know what you mean! We went in May as a field trip and it was FREEZING! Two moms actually bought the $75 hoodie to keep warm. Uh...I chose to freeze instead. ;)

Well, at least your pics turned out great.

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