Monarch Caterpillars - Generation 1?

Friday, June 8, 2012

 Let's where did we leave off?

I last left you with little cats that had grown substantially in size...
And they were getting ready to move on to the next stage in their lives ~
(hmmm, doesn't THAT sound familiar!)

 After chomping on all the milkweed they could possibly feast on - our little friends hung themselves in their trademark 'J' shape...
And low and behold, we had ourselves some chrysalides!
 The kids were blessed enough to see two of the caterpillars spinning themselves into cocoons. Certainly a sight to see - and I am soo thrilled that they were able to witness this awesome event! I happened to be outside and Hailey started screaming - GET THE CAMERA! GET THE CAMERA! I of course, didn't capture any of the transformation on film - but I do have the satisfaction that the kids were able to see it first hand. It happens pretty fast, and is certainly fun to witness!

10 Chrysalides in all - one lil caterpillar guy left to do his thing - 

 When you see them turn black - you know it's time. Except, it's not really black at all ~

Turns out, it's clear, and what you are seeing is the butterfly itself inside of the clear cocoon!

 And then, just as quickly as they grew and transformed ~
 It's time to let them free ~ so that the next cycle can begin...

We are so happy to be a part of this experience every summer ~ I hope they always have this sense of wonderment about them!

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