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Sunday, June 24, 2012

If there is one thing my kids love, it's mail.

Mail is a major highlight of the day around here (wait til they have to start paying some of the bills that come in!) - and when packages arrive -
It's even MORE exciting!

But when the package looks like this on the OUTSIDE?

There's even MORE excitement in the air than usual!
(and perhaps a little sibling rivalry over who gets to open the actual box! YIKES!) 

It's funny - I was just thinking about how much I would love to have a place to retreat to on the weekends - so many of our friend have lake places to head to, and I would love love love to do that too. Even in a pop up camper (that we don't have...I think it sounds like heaven.)

But, with so much to see and do and explore right here in our own backyards - when would we actually get to go away? has some pretty awesome ideas on their website...

With two young kids, we've been taking advantage of many of the suggestions already!
In fact...Here's a look inside my wallet ~ 

Memberships to these awesome family fun destinations will pay for themselves in no time flat.
More times than not, going just twice with a family of four puts you out ahead versus if you were paying single admissions on each visit.

What we love about our local memberships is the fact that we can swing into one of these great places for an hour or two, and then head out to baseball practice, karate, swimming, a birthday party, grocery know - life!! - and still feel like we are spending our money wisely!

Like the other day, when we headed out to the Minnesota Zoo - 

We took in the brand new Dinosaur Exhibit - 

Who gave us that cowboy hat & why do we still have it??? HA!

& then cooled off in the Splash Pad ~ 

Before we headed out on our merry way! With the whole day ahead of us yet - 

And yesterday, with a couple of hours with not much to do - 
We popped over to ValleyFair with our Gold Passes!
(We bought passes last year for the first time, having not been there in over 10 years - It was such a great investment, that when the season ended last year, we renewed our Gold Passes for this season too!)

Hailey on Horses!

Linus Launcher!

Race Car Driving!

She rode the Scrambler, first with Mom, then with Dad! This is HUGE!

That's the joy of the memberships!
You can hop over, take in an hour or two of rides, people watch - and head out without feeling bad you didn't stay long and get your money's worth!

If you don't have a membership but would like to visit some of these great places - 

Visit the website for valuable coupons to three of our favorite Twin Cities places to play!

Does your family have a favorite place to 'Stay and Play' here in the Twin Cities?

What memberships have you found to be worth it?

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*** Disclosure - My family has been purchasing memberships to many local Twin Cities attractions for years.  We have purchased those memberships with our own (hard earned) money, including, but not limited to, those mentioned in this blog post. My family received a box of goodies from to promote these awesome local Twin Cities adventures. ***


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