The Color Run ~ Twin Cities 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Many many moons ago, I heard about The Color Run ~ via one of my social media networks....
Totally sounds AWESOME I thought to myself - and quickly checked the calendar.
While it wasn't an ideal day for us (summer is so so hard to pack ONE.MORE.THING. into it, 
 with the addition of all of the regularly scheduled fun (birthday parties at the lake, etc)
We decided to run with it (get it, run with it? HA HA!) and sign up.
The Color Run did not disappoint.

Awesome, considering I was nervous to bring any photo taking devices into the Color Run!
Hurray for taking a chance!!

With 20,000 Color Runners to hit the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Sunday, July 15th ~ 
I wasn't sure what to expect.

From the packet pick up 2 days before the race to the finish line - this was smooth as butta!

My hubs humored me and posed for a few photos before the start of the race...

And our little 6, going on 16 was excited to hit the streets, even though the 6 am wake up on one of her few sleep in days left something to be desired!
Amy, Suzi and I pre-race ~ 

And a rare family photo ~ (Never mind the grumpy kid in the pic - pics have to be his idea for him to cooperate.)

The power of the cell phone helped us connect with a couple more of our favorite Tweeps!

We're by the French Fry Building!
Us too!
On the grass!
Us too!
Do you see the 5 Eye Witness News Building?
NO? Are there 2 French Fry Buildings!

Aye Aye Aye! I cannot believe we were able to hook up with our running buddies before the start of the race!  There were so. many. people! YAY!
Amy, Kristen, Liz, Me & Suzi
Sparkly Liz ready to knock out another 5k! Go Liz Go!

A last group shot before we hit the streets!

We took off in group 3 - not too shabby!
The Color Run released approximately 1000 runners every 5-10 minutes beginning at 8 am, ~ 
The Blue Station!
It was hot, and humid. And there were a LOT of people.
Young, old. Short. Tall. Thin. Not thin.
Women and Men. Couples. Singles. Families.

The Dynamic Duo!

The cloud all melded together so it looks sort of hazy & pinkish - but trust me when I say, it was pretty spectacular!

A couple of non-professional video clips. If you visit YouTube - you'll see some amazing Color Run videos if you are interested - but, these document the here and the now.

We came, we saw, we conquered!

Have I told you all how much I love this man? The patient, laid back man who never bats an eyelash or raises a brow at all of my zany ideas, the good, the bad, the ugly ~ including signing the entire family up for a 5k in the dead of the summer, where the temps are in the 90's and we are up and out of the house by 6:30 am.

Seriously. #love

We got separated about 30 seconds into the race, (of course! HELLO, 20k people!) and we didn't all have cell phones on us. I was starting to get a lil nervous but never fear - It really worked out pretty darn swell!

My little man using a baby wipe to clean some of the color off. (Didn't work!)

Ah, the Color Run.

I highly recommend signing up for one of these spectacular events in a city near you!

There is a charity chosen for each city - and I cannot even imagine how much money is being raised for worthwhile charities all across the country.
I have no idea how much of the race entry fees go towards the charities chosen - 
but I do know that with the sheer volume of runners - that it has to be more than pocket change for these well deserving making a difference partners.
Together, we CAN make a difference!

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suzi said...

Thanks for pushing me to go. I had the BEST time with you and your family and our gang. :) xoxo

Unknown said...

So, so glad I did it! And glad that Suzi stayed with it, too. Wish I had seen all of you, but everyone looks the same in white at the beginning of the race and totally unrecognizable at the end of the race.
There's another Color Run in Des Moines October 6th - might do it. Has to be cooler!

The Real McCoy said...

Great post! I am doing the run in Columbus, OH this weekend. Did you carry your phone or camera with you and did you have any issues with it and the color? I would love to take pictures throughout the run.


darcie said...

@The Real McCoy - It was SO. MUCH. FUN! I did carry my phone AND my camera (a small (old!) point and shoot camera. I am all about the pictures! Wish I could have brought my good camera along, but I didn't dare! I was just pretty careful where I took either of them out - and when I wasn't using them, they were tucked deep in a pocket in my shorts or in my knacksack thingy on my back. I took pics right before or right after a color station - they make it pretty easy to get as dirty as you want - or stay as clean as you want!

I did get quite a bit of color on both my phone and my camera, but I used one of those computer keyboard sprays and cleaned them both right up - no issues at all. I saw a ton of folks using plastic baggies over their phones and taking pics right through those!

Thanks for stopping by, &...Have a GREAT time!

LutherLiz said...

That's for letting me join the team! It was a great time! :)

Anti-Supermom said...

I saw some pics on instagram and had to drop in a 'congrats!'. It's so awesome that you did with your family, what great examples you guys are being.

darcie said...

You rocked it Liz!! GREAT JOB! Can't wait for next year!

darcie said...

How sweet are you! It's actually the 5 year old being a great example! That kid can run!

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