Going to Grandma's...Or Not.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We had a trip to Grandma's planned...and we had hoped to take this guy.

He's getting up there in age, but you'd never know it.
Most of the time.

He's not the world's best traveler.
In fact, he's probably right up near the top of the world's worst travelers.
He doesn't have much patience for the long trips, and he wants a window open at all times so he can stick his big head out and feel the wind in his sails.

We knew he'd love to go swimming at Grandma's, as well hanging out and visiting, eating, sleeping, etc at the lake - because, well, who wouldn't?

Just for fun, we let him hop into the Traverse a day early - We haven't had to take him with him us in ages, thanks to our fantastic neighbors who are his surrogate parents...
They graciously watch him when we leave so we can all rest easy...

But...I had been hoping to bring him with this time - 
The back seat is pretty low to the ground, and he was able to hop right in, no problem.

He found a spot and got as comfy as he could.

Too bad that spot is someone else's spot.
Not enough car seats to go around.

Sadly, once he got in, he couldn't get out.
He managed to cover every square inch of the vehicle with his big bad self - crawling from seat to seat - middle row to back row to front seat to driver seat, but never getting outside of the car.
 He was not able to jump out, legs shaking, mouth drooling.

He wouldn't even exit the car for a biscuit.
That's how you know it's bad.

We couldn't lift him out for fear he'd bite our faces off - he was pretty snarly with not just my hsuband, but me...I think because he was nervous about getting out (or he didn't want to in hopes he was going to Grandma's house...)

In the end, I gave him a shove out the driver's side door, and thankfully it worked out ok...
But he wasn't able to make the trip to the lake with us the next day.
How would we take him up there without being able to get him in and out of the car as needed?

Will he ever be able to make the trip?
I don't think so.
He'll be 10 this fall.
He's not getting any younger...

This is the part you don't think about when you bring home that adorable furry addition to your family....The part where they unfairly age, and you know what the next chapters hold.



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