Doing Disney with Verizon

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's been three years since our family took a 'real' family vacation. You know the kind, where you take more than one day off from work at a time, and travel more than 90 miles from your home?

We had been to Disney World once before, and were excited to visit again, this time with 6 & 7 year olds in two. (They were 4 & 3 years old last time.) Having been there before, we had some idea what to expect - and some ideas of the pros and cons - at least for our family.

If you come around here much - you know that I love love love pictures. Pictures of this, pictures of that and the pictures of other thing...Of course I would need to be able to take a couple (thousand) pictures during our 8 day vacation in Florida ~ but part of our pros and cons list means pairing down and bringing the least amount of stuff possible.

To bring the DSLR camera (and it's accompanying lenses) or not?

After relying on the Verizon DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE by HTC for the last few months for quick, in the moment shots and videos, I knew I could trust this phone to capture most, if not all of our vacation memories. 

The Droid Incredible boasts an 8.0 megapixal camera. It not only has front and rear facing cameras, it also has a wide angled lens to capture more of the shot...and 'simple activation' from the lock screen, making it easy to whip out and grab pictures whenever I want!

Not once, did I miss lugging my DSLR around on our family vacation -
And I still think I got some pretty 'Incredible' (PUN INTENDED!) shots!

Cinderella's Castle by day ~ 

Cinderella's Castle by night ~ 

While I was happy and content to give our Disney trip a whirl via the Incredible 4G - I was able to get my hands on the shiny new Windows 8 phone.  With a ::BRIGHT:: ::BRILLIANT:: HD screen.

Again, the phone part, I can take it or leave it...Give me texting, access to my email and my social media networks...and most importantly for me, personally, a camera that impresses.

I LOVED the camera on the Windows 8 phone.  Being able to grab the super slim phone out of your pocket, and instantly launch your camera, even from your lock screen, with the touch of a button on the side of the phone? YES PLEASE!

The official details about the camera as taken from the Verizon website:
8MP Auto Focus Rear–Facing camera with Single–LED Flash
f/2.0 aperture lens, backside sensor illumination for low light performance, and the exclusive HTC ImageChip which allows continuous shooting for up to 20 images
2.1 MP 88° ultra–wide–angle front–facing with improved low light performance
Formats: bmp, .jpg, .png, .gif
Smart Shoot, Panorama, & Cinemagraph Lenses available via download from the Windows Phone Store
Photo Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, SkyDrive, and more

But here's the line that got me ~
Save photos as you take them to the cloud using SkyDrive to provide quick access to people who want to see them.

Do you see that part...the part that says 'SAVE PHOTOS AS YOU TAKE THEM...'

YES! This!
I recently asked via Facebook how people organize and save their photos on their computers, and I know that I am not alone in being freakishly paranoid about losing my pictures. Having them uploaded AS I TAKE THEM in a safe and secure spot?


From there, I simply enter an email address of a friend I want to share them with - and viola! I didn't have to dooooo anything!

A few of my favs from the House(s) of Mouse...

A couple more shots of the castle at night - via the Windows 8 phone:

A sun setting over the countries in Epcot.

My absolute favorite shot I captured, is below - via a cell phone no less! When I took this shot - I had no idea the castle was reflecting off the water. We were heading out of the park after a very long day...we didn't even stop walking, I just grabbed the phone out of my pocket, snapped a couple of shots...
And WOW!

I just loved what I saw from a bridge off to the side of the castle - and later, when looking at my phone, I realized just what that slim little phone had captured.


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