Windows 8X Phone & DisneyWorld

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I can't believe it's already been a month since we set out on our family vacation to Florida...

It seems like it was just last week, the time is flying by.
Just like the first time we visited Florida, and more specifically, Walt Disney World, as a family, I have many friends and family asking me for my best tips.

I learned so much on our first visit - and I put my best tips in a post then -

Things were a LOT different this time around...
Older kids (older Parents!!) - just...I don't know...

My good friend Albert put together a fun little interview visiting with me about some of my CURRENT tips...and you can find that little snippet on the Verizon Midwest Wireless blog.

You can read (and listen to me talk!! YIKES!) about our recent trip to Disney and just how awesome the new Windows 8X Phone worked for us ~

Start there...and I'll try and compose some of my thoughts in a coherent blog post for you all soonish!

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