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Sunday, April 7, 2013

I love me a good shortcut.

Shortcuts are the life blood of busy folks, am I right?

One of those favorite shortcuts of mine, and of my family,
is when I plan ahead and pick up breakfast items like giant gooey cinnamon rolls, all ready to go.

The real treat for me, however...

Is being able to catch a glimpse of the amazing person our little girl is becoming.

The other morning, I was up and out the door for the day hours before my family was even thinking about getting up.

Our girl, the care taker that she is, was the first one up.
She dished up a big gooey cinnamon roll for her Daddy...


And then, be still my heart...
She accompanied it with a note.

Can you read it?
It says:

'Dear Dad Here is something for everything, Love Hailey'

 oh how I love this child of ours. I love her heart and her mind and the love she has for her Daddy. This is what life is all about folks. This right here. It doesn't get much richer than this.

And as a side note...
These are actual pictures.

She took the camera (that is always out, on the ready...and snapped a half a dozen pictures of the cinnamon roll on the plate (blogger's daughter huh?) ~ She didn't take any pics of the note, but thankfully, I found that on the arm of the couch later that day, and was able to capture the moment.
Bless her heart, a thousand times over.

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Doreen said...

Darcie - that is too cute that she took a pic of the cinnamon roll....she definitely is a bloggher's daughter. You and your hubby are definitely doing something right to raise such a sweet gal and guy!

darcie said...

Ah, thanks Doreen! I love it too! I'm constantly amazed at what I find pictures of on my camera, that I didn't take! HA!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope you are well!

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