Kindergarten Handwriting

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm a sucker for a fresh newborn...

Bring me somewhere where there is a baby present & I'm likely holding the infant, or longing too.
I simply love new babies.

But I also love toddlers - I love when they begin talking and their words begin to make sense and they put them together and actually communicate and conversate with you.

And this stage in life?
I simply love this stage in life too -

With our son just wrapping up his first school year in the big ~K~, I cannot get enough of his writing.

I love love love the 'Weekend News' that the kids write in school each Monday. I loved when his sister did it and I love that he is doing it. You never know what you are going to get, as our weekends are jam packed full of this, that and the other thing.

This one says
'I weet to the sies museum'
Which translates to 
'I went to the Science Museum'

And then, we had 
'I plad BacBoll with my Dad'
Which, for those not versed in kindergarten phonetics
'I played baseball with my dad.'

And then
'I had a Baseboll game'

Getting soo close, sounding out the words and figuring it out.
ACK. I even love the backwards lowercase 'g'

And while not Weekend News ~
Because they are still very much infatuated with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after our wonderful stay at the Nick Hotel in Orlando this winter....

I bring you

'Tanits entortamet'

you know, 
Tonight's Entertainment

And sometimes, when he writes his own sentences in his homework, and brings it to us to check it over when it's all said and done...
My heart swells up even more, even when I didn't think it was possible.

'I am sad tat my dog died'

I love love love these little people that we have created.
 I love their hearts and their minds and their spirits. I love seeing them learn and grow, even if sometimes, we hurt.

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