Back-to-School with #HormelFamily

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In a few short days, our kids are back-to-school!
Where oh WHERE did summer go?

We were so busy, we had so much fun...seeing all the things, doing all the things...

And now, back to reality - 
Back-to-school lunches and snacks. 
My nemesis.

I didn't get away from it during the summer, as our kids needed snacks and lunches all summer long for their various camps...which is why I am dragging my feet even more now.

I don't want to be packing the same.old.boring.thing. day in and day out.

And, one of the cool things about our new school? The kids have to bring a healthy snack every day to eat! YAY! (I cannot tell you how starving our kids were by the time they got home from school last year...)

What to pack...what to pack?
Whether it's snacks or lunch, it's important for me and for the kids that the food will carry them a little while.

Hormel Pepperoni Stix are a huge favorite of our first grader.  I often pack him just slices of Hormel's Turkey Pepperoni, sometimes plain, sometimes with some crackers to go along with it...

 but the Pepperoni Stix & Cheese are a fun combo!

When something with a little bit more substance is needed...
You can't go wrong with Rev Wraps!

Available in 8 varieties...surely there is something for everyone?

I love the ease and convenience of Hormel Products for lunches and for snacks...
though I know that I can't use these products day in and day out ~
because variety IS the spice of life...or something...

Do you have a favorite (healthy) snack idea for back-to-school?
I'd love to hear ideas for a little variety in my kids' bags this fall!

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