DIY Cake Pop Stand

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A long long time ago, like, no joke...
about a year ago...
I set out on a project...

You see, I'd had been trying to figure out how to neatly display my cake pops, on the rare occasions I had enough time, patience, and energy to make them.

Or, I made them and they didn't have to sit on a plate, like these beauties did!

So, after finding 'cake pop stands' ~ and thinking that was exactly what I needed...
I decided to set out and see if I could do them on my own.

I visited a local Home Goods Store, and picked up a couple of deals.

My husband wasn't home, so he didn't mind me borrowing the power tools, 
(because he didn't KNOW! HA HA!) and away I went!

We won't talk about the not so teeny tiny little drill hole that might or might not have found it's way onto the table top beneath the cutting board.

The kids were happy to help ~

And finally, thanks to a fun little workshop with the amazing Jess at 

(more on THAT fun day soon!)

I finally, after months and months and months, 
had some fun cake pops, that actually fit in my stand, that didn't roll/slide/plop off the sticks!

See how cute this guy is tucked into his new home?

And see just how cute a very unorganized army can look on your own DIY Cake Pop Stand?

I can't wait to put these stands, and all of my new found cake pop knowledge, to good use!
I'm thinking I might put a nice fresh coat of paint on these cake pop stands, but time will tell.

For now, I sort of like them how they are!

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MommyLisa said...

Nice Job!!!

Kita said...

Love this I just had a company on my site for the cake pops I tried to make the actual pops one time and it didn't work I think I will do better with the stand. Stopping over from SITS

Unknown said...

Stopping over from SITS! This is awesome!!! :D Thanks for sharing!

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