Emma Krumbie's Fall Festival - Family Tradition

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It has long become our tradition.
Long being, as long as we've had kids anyway!

Honest to God, I look back now and I can barely remember them being so little.

Not much changes out at Emma Krumbie's - 
Except maybe the size of our kids?
Hailey & Derek - Emma Krumbie's Fall 2009

Derek at Emma Krumbie's - Fall 2013
They still have their super cool Scare Crow Festival ~ 

Others are just plain fun to see!

For now, the kids still fit in the barrel train ~ 

But I'm pretty sure this is the last year for the John Deere Tricycles!

 oh how they've grown...
it was just 2009, why does it seem like light years ago?

I blinked.

I wonder how long my kids will want to hang out on a random Saturday afternoon with us?

For now, we soak it all in...

All of it.

We revel in the togetherness.

Looking back on how far we've come ...

Thankfully, she no longer insists on wearing Pajamas everywhere she goes!
Remember THAT phase?

And hope that for a little while longer, our kids won't think we are too old to hang out with!

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