Metropolis Resort Chaos Waterpark #Staycation

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's winter.
It's Minnesota.

Normally, that's not a terrible thing.
We live through it each year, a little tougher, stronger...

This year, this year feels like the exception.
Temps below zero, wind chills FAR below zero.
and it feels like it started months ago, with no end in sight!
Aye aye AYE!

Add in that this guy is celebrating SEVEN...
And well...
What to do, what to do?

Well, a Staycation of sorts...
to none other than 

Now, it's not technically a Staycation, but we can get there in under 2 hours, and there and back on a tank of gas, us, it for sure is.

Knowing that it was very close to our son's birthday, 
the staff at Metropolis Resort surprised him with a door sign...

And a little treat bag waiting on one of the beds inside.

Ever since our first visit to Metropolis Resort back in 2010, 
I've wondered how we can pull off a birthday party for our kids here.
in addition to filling a real niche that so far, hasn't been filled here where we live!

I'm hopeful that in the coming years, very very soon, we'll be ready to bring a couple of friends on the overnight excursion, versus holding the 3 hour birthday party.
Metropolis Resort is just the place for that!

We started off our visit with some Monkey in the Middle Pizza.
One of the things I love about this place is that once you get there, you do not need to leave.
Monkey in the Middle, The Pub, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius...all right on site!

Then it was time for some relaxing in the lazy river!

Our kids are old now though...and while lazy rivers are fun...

There is a whole world waiting for their big kid selves...
And they literally, RUN, not walk - from here to there to everywhere.

Like this straight up and down slide?
Um. No.

Mama Bear puts her foot down and says no green slide right now.
There are plenty of other super fun things to do.
No. Green. Slide!

Tube rides?
Those you can do.

All. Day. Long.

Our kids had a blast swimming in Chaos Waterpark, which has been recently renovated.

A brief overview of the renovations recently completed at Chaos Waterpark:

-New paint and coverings for all feature and fixtures
-Newly painted and re-themed birthday party rooms
-New upgrade to HVAC system and plumbing to increase air and water temperature
-New UV Filtration System to significantly improve air quality and decrease chlorine usage

And after literally closing the water park down at 10 pm, the kids quickly changed out of their swim wear, and headed to the other side of the Resort to spend some time in Action City.

Where they are tall enough to do it all.

EXCEPT, the go carts - but I don't think their Dad minds doing the driving!

We had some fun family competition on various games...

And some sibling competition too!

I love that this place doesn't just cater to the children - it also caters to some of us adults, 
who can use a little R&R and/or pick me up too!

I think this kiddo enjoyed celebrating his birthday at Metropolis Resort - even if it was just with his family.

And it was a great place for the rest of us to get out of the cold and enjoy some fun in the make shift sun!

And now, we must rest from our vacation!

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*** While Metropolis Resort surprised our son with some Birthday perks, including picking up the tab for the cost of the hotel room, we paid for our own Action City passes, food and other amenities during our stay at Metropolis Resort. The above opinions and pictures are mine, and mine alone. ***


Stacie Raye said...

Now that's what I call a stay-cation! Any time you can get there and back on a tank of gas is a big deal. Happy Belated Birthday!

Simply D Constructed said...

Wow, that place looks like fun! Especially since it's winter. And it hardly looks busy. Guess you guys picked a good day to go.

I am going to finish following you everywhere, and stalk your blog some more. Visiting from the SITS Girls comment challenge. #sitsblogging

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