Saturday, January 4, 2014

Last year, his first, he chose 10.

He had his own reasons for choosing it, and I just simply loved it.
I love his heart.

One thing I've learned along this parenting journey though, is that kids sports numbers don't really stick with them here. There are lots of kids, lots of kids who want the same number.
Sometimes they line them up and go by height, passing out jerseys in order...
2, 3, 4, 5, 6....

(and you get #9 when you were hoping for 10! 
or, I should say, the MOM was hoping for the 10, the kid could care less)

And other times, kids get to pick but they feel no particular attachment to their old number ~ 
and they have their hearts set on a new number.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you - 
Mite Gold Year 2 - 
Gust - #7

It is now his age.
And it's the number his #1 sports hero (His Daddy!) wears.
It's the number his sister chose for her Volleyball Jersey last season.

Seven is a pretty good fit for him this year.

He looks so tall. 
So handsome.
So, ::gulp:: grown up!

(This is one of those times I need to bring along my SLR, not the stupid cell phone for pictures!)

And God Bless patient ever loving Eight.
She has no issues being dragged along at all hours of the day and night, 
weeknight and weekend, to support Seven.

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