Beenie Boobies

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So last week, on one of our last not-running-to-a-ballfield-somewhere-after-work nights for the foreseeable future, we decided to head over to our local Champps Restaurant with the family, to indulge in their happy hour.

Our kids love their appetizers, and we love the Happy Hour pricing!

As we were wrapping up to leave, the kids went to use the restrooms by themselves, while we gathered our things at the table, ready to head out.

We found our kids right outside the restroom, next to the dreaded CLAW MACHINE!
(Which incidentally, is exactly where we expected to find them...)

There was a couple there, also, obviously enjoying the Happy Hour, who had been feeding the Claw Machine dollar bills.  They asked our son if he wanted a turn (with their money!) and he happily played along.  And he WON!


What is it you ask?
Well, when posting the picture on Facebook...
one of our friends said this...

Omg! I assumed rolls of some sort? But it does appear to be boobs!

Yes. Yes it does.
In fact, the tag, attached to said prize even says so.

Beenie Boobies!


Seriously you guys.
Beenie Boobies, from the Claw Machine, at 6pm on a random Wednesday night, from our local Champps Restaurant?
I can't even...................

We had a ton of fun with this picture on Facebook...
soo. many. comments.
Like this one...
 I am laughing so hard what are they actually supposed to be? Sure you are at Champps!!

My favs?

*** Looks like its cold in Champs. 

 *** Love it. Curious to know what the kids said.

*** So he literally won the booby prize!

*** You better tell him this is the last time he's allowed to pay for boobies.

*** Breast prize ever! Titty have a big smile when he won?

Dying with laughter, we were.

In case you, like several of our friends on Facebook were wondering, what our kids thought...
Well, our 7 year old son thought it was a video. game. controller!

Of COURSE he did!~
oh, be still my heart!

They were not too thrilled when we told them what they REALLY were~!

The thing is...
He had more than one turn with that there claw machine, and he also won...


Which, you know, appears to be an orange bowling pin.
Or IS it now?

When coupled with the Beenie Boobies, I tell ya, one really has to wonder.

And again, the hilarity ensued on Facebook, with one friend commenting...

If you experience an erection orange in color see your physician immediately. Like, now.

Seriously you guys. What a riot.

I probably wouldn't think twice about this being in a claw machine at some kind of main stream bar - but I have to admit, it was a little bit shocking to see this at Champps.

Soo! Funny! & well, yeah...surprising!

Have you ever seen a wild and crazy, maybe inappropriate prize in a claw machine?

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Stacie Raye said...

This is both hilarious and alarming at the same time!

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