School YearBook Photos 2013-2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We have had an AMAZING year at an AMAZING new (to us) school.

Things have gone so very very well for all of us this year, and we are thrilled we made the change.
The school year books came home, and it was just one more thing that impressed me.

Instead of the traditional little tiny black and white photo squares, 
our kids' school put together pages, in color...

like so...

First Graders Class of 2015

Have you EVER seen anything so stinkin' adorable?

Second Graders Class of 2024

Maybe this is something lots of schools do.
Maybe this is something that isn't a big deal to many, or any folks at all...

but to someone like me, someone who is obsessed with photos and documenting memories...
this is pretty spectacular in my book!

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