Stillwaters Resort - Branson, Missouri Family Vacation!

Monday, July 7, 2014

While Branson wasn't on our bucket list of family travel, per se...

Visiting these two lovely ladies is always a priority...

The Hubs with Grandma Betty and Auntie Janis, who live near Branson, MO.

Will our kids have fun in Branson?
Is it a place to go when you are, ::gulp:: older, I wondered, 
eyeing the calendar to the big fat birthday coming up for me this fall...

I think it's safe to say, that our kids had a AMAZING time!

Hailey and Derek enjoying the waterslide at Stillwaters Resort in Branson!

I didn't take many pictures in and around the resort, but trust me when I say it was perfect.
Near their gorgeous Oasis Pool area, (one of three pool areas) they had these loungers - 
Hello, relaxing vacation for Mom and Dad while the kiddos swim!

The kids enjoyed 'relaxing' in the hammocks though ~ 

Our accommodations were a nicely done, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo, with an oversized deck that had a nice large table, someone overlooking Table Rock Lake. I say somewhat, because there were lots and lots of trees obstructing the view, but I love trees, so I didn't mind that part...
We had a full kitchen, which is nice for breakfast, lunch, dinner...

Rob and I had a king sized bed, and our kids each had a queen sized bed in another bedroom.
The coach also pulled out, should we have needed it.

Stillwaters Resort had lots of cute little touches...

There were, however, things I didn't enjoy about this resort.
We were responsible for taking out our own trash, and there was NO RECYCLING around!
2014, and no recycling?
Water bottles, pop bottles, soda cans, beer cans...
No where to recycle?
I hope that changes sometime soon.

We were also responsible for cleaning and vacuuming our condo before we left.
Now, we aren't piggy, but vacuuming before you check out?
It's not like we didn't pay a good chunk of change for this joint (about $200 a night), so I was annoyed by having to vacuum, but hey...

Payoffs for the fun we had, right?

They had pontoons and boats and jet skis and skis and many other things for rent...
But we stuck to the included in your resort fee amenities this trip.

Family Kayaking to start the day?
Yes Please!

And no, these are technically the all-the-rage stand up paddle boats, but once they saw some older kids doing it...

Sometimes going to a new place is hard ~ 
You aren't sure what to expect, and company websites are what the companies want them to be.

I'm thrilled that we had a great experience with this shot in the dark at Stillwaters Resort in Branson, Missouri, and we'll definitely vacation there again!

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