Picking a Side - Again Residing our Home in Minnesota

Sunday, August 24, 2014

When we got rid of our rotting Cedar Siding back in 2006 - I mistakenly thought we were buying siding, maintenance free siding, that would last a lifetime...

Turns out, that siding cracks, and fades.

And thanks to a good old fashioned Minnesota hail storm - we were in need of a new roof, and some new siding. The reasonable match via insurance, wasn't all that reasonable - 
Can you see the 4 pieces of siding that the contractor put on our home to compare?

So, while we had the roof done fairly quickly and easily...

The siding was a whole 'nother story.
Mostly fine, but we were really wanting something fresh, something new(er).

A new color, maybe some brick, faux brick, something...anything!?!

We went back and forth, round and round about colors...
stay the same, mundane, safe old beige?
Go with one of the new grays, blues, reds...we've been eyeing up around the Metro?

We've looked a lot of houses over the last year...
Tons of new builds.
New peaks. New colors.

Could your run of the mill split entry home in Suburbia, Minnesota do something fresh and updated for minimal cost?

We were on our own for decisions, as our contractor was your standard, just replace/reside it.
So we tested a LOT of ideas in our own fancy Word/Paint documents.
None of it was working out very well...we just couldn't SEE what we were getting ourselves into.

So...we just finally picked something, anxious to have it over and done with.

We couldn't communicate with the crew, at all, because of the language barriers,
but I stood outside and snapped some pictures from here and from there.

I was praying I'd be ok with how things turned out, because otherwise...
How do you say, start over, in Espanol?

I could tell right away that I wished I'd of gone darker on the siding color - even though we did go a couple of shades darker than what we did have...I wished we'd gone a few shades darker yet...
But...what what I was most nervous about, was the faux shakes we decided on.

Is our house too small to get away with putting shakes on the window bump out and above the garage?
It looks great on some of the new homes with multiple peaks...but how would it look on ours?

I immediately loved the window box!


A little rain delay had the project pushed back...
but as the guys were putting the finishing touches on the house ~ 
I knew we had made the right decision...

Well, the hubs made the right decision.
I still wasn't sold on the idea that we could pull it off on our house...

                                                             He said go for it...and viola!

So, if you're wondering if you could pull off putting shakes on your house, above the garage or on a bump out...
Here's what it looks like on your average, 1900 square foot suburbian home!
We were thrilled we did this, and we've gotten many compliments from the neighborhood as well.

I do wish we'd of gotten some brick along the sides of the garage, maybe near the front door...
but...maybe down the road ~ 

Here's hoping we don't have to side this place again!

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