Minneapolis Book Arts - A Field Trip!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I had the opportunity to chaperone one of the kiddo's field trips this school year.

Oh how I love spending time with our kids, and their friends, 
especially when it's a setting that is out of our norm.

This field trip took us to Minneapolis Book Arts - an amazing place downtown Minneapolis.
I love the architecture of these great old buildings - 
even if our group did spend our time in the basement, where I had to not think about crumbling brickwork!

(seriously, does anyone else feel more anxious about things like this as they age? geesh!)

It was seriously so cool in there...but also made me a little bit, well, warm!

The kids were each assigned a letter.

And they would get to design their letter anyway they wanted.

That letter would be transferred onto a thicker sticker...which is then cut out.

Each letter sticker was then placed on a board, on an old time printing press.

And the kids stood back and each took a turn rolling out a limited edition alphabet print!

It was so fun for them to take part in!

Each kiddo signed and numbered their limited edition prints.

And viola!
And the end result, would be something pretty amazing!
(This one below is not our classes' original creation. Ours was the gorgeous red one above!)

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