Wednesday, October 22, 2014

one day 2014

Today I am joining up with @HollywoodHWife and thousands of others for #OneDayHH

The premise is this...
From HollywoodHouseWife - Most of us are pretty good about getting cute pictures of the kids or selfies with our significant other. But what about all the other details that make up our life? They may seem sort unimportant as we move through the day, but our future selves will soak up the information that we take for granted. One Day is the Wednesday we set aside each year to capture what a typical day looks like in our life from the time we wake up in the morning until our heads hit the pillow at night.
  • Snap pictures throughout the day. Upload to Instagram and make sure and use the #OneDayHH hashtag so that we can all follow one another.
  • Photos don't have to be particularly artsy or beautifully composed. The emphasis is on WHAT you're capturing, not how awesome you can make it look.
  • If you can't commit to the whole day, that's okay! Jump in when you can.

1. Document your day.
2. Post it to Instagram.
3. Make sure you use the hashtag #OneDayHH so you can follow along with others and they can find you.

Easy right?

You can follow me on Instagram HERE!
& to find others playing along - search the hashtag #OneDayHH

So...I'll be updating this blog post as the day goes on...or, later tonight after all is said and done!
Play along, won't you?

The time clock. Working for the Man...
Got to work an hour later than planned, because, well...it's going to be THAT kind of day!

After 2 hours of work, I punch out, head home & get the kiddos up, fed & ready for school.

Being Open Enrolled in a neighboring district means we have no bussing, 
which is both a blessing and a curse.

I'm so so grateful for a job that allows this flexibility, because my family comes first.

While my girl eats breakfast, I braid her hair.
I really ought to watch some YouTube videos about how to do these French Braids, because I'm self taught, and they aren't great. She loves them though, which is what really matters.

Even though they are freezing, because it's a brisk 42 or so degrees, the kids agree to stop and pose for a quick photo, wearing their orange shirts for Unity Day - National Bullying Prevention Day!

The day continues,  since water heaters aren't supposed to leak water out of the bottom...
I set up an appt to have someone come out and replace ours.

Back to work for me...getting in another 6 hour shift before heading back to school to pick up my kids, and two carpool buddies.
Their mom and I take turns doing the afternoon pick up.
Let me tell you what a trip THAT is.
First Grade.
Second Grade. 
Third Grade.
Everyone has something to say. At the same time!

We get home, we open back packs.
I really hate homework.
I try to not voice that... but by golly...we have a life too!
We want to play in the yard, make dinner, go for a bike ride, hit the YMCA pool.
We don't want to sit down to do homework every. single. night!

 A quick peek in the backyard at our beautiful new deck!
13 years in the making, sort of.
Truly, it's only been in progress for the last 6-7? weeks...but we've needed to replace ours for the last 13 years....it's finally happening! YAY!

Because we need milk, and ketchup, and a halloween costume that we still have yet to find...
We buzz over to Target...
Great savings this trip! GO ME!
Wish I'd of seen that the new associate charged me TWICE for the same jumbo jar of Peanut Butter before I got all the way home.
Is it even worth going back?

By now it's dark as night, because it is night...
But I've still got to go out...
there's more to do!

The hubs left on a business trip last weekend, and we finally get him home where he belongs!
YAY! For airport pick up line, and not having to take any laps before security scootches us along!

It's after 10 pm and the kids are finally settling down, ready to go to bed...
But me...I've got miles to go before I sleep.

It was fun, taking note of the everyday things for #OneDayHH
Granted, the airport isn't an everyday thing - but it's frequent enough - and it's our life.
I haven't decided yet if it's annoying that I used all instagram screenshots...or if I should upload the real deal photos for blog book purposes...

Did you participate in #OneDayHH?

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