Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For years, our kiddos have asked why there is no Elf on a Shelf in our house...
they love hearing stories from their friends...

CUUTE idea - 
But who wants all that work? 
There are so very many adorable, funny, inappropriate places that people's Elves on Shelves end up in, and I really enjoy seeing some of the pictures posted to various social media outlets during the holiday season...

But what if you forget?
What if you are tired and ornery from doing all the things all the time?

Our kids have known that if you don't believe, you won't receive, for quite some time now -
So...we adopted ***Buddy*** named by the kids, and welcomed into our home, under the premise that sometimes, Buddy would be just as tired as the rest of us, and would be hanging out in one location from time to time.

~ it seemed like an easy tradition to bring home ~ 

I think Buddy enjoyed his first Christmas Season with us, and we look forward to keeping this tradition up with our kiddos, and them with theirs.
Next season, we plan to add a female the kids will each have one to bring to their homes when they are older!

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