Hormel Pepperoni & After School Snackin'! #HormelFamily

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Despite our kiddos' school putting on some pretty great school lunches - 
(fresh salad, fruits, veggies, etc...)
and getting to bring a healthy snack to school each day to eat outside of lunch - 

Our kids generally come home from school pretty hungry...

And since we are almost always heading out to here, there, and everywhere shortly after we get home from school....getting a good, filling snack is so so important.


Hormel Pepperoni!

It's one of our son's favorites - to just eat right out of the bag.
(He prefers the Turkey Pepperoni variety, and though he doesn't need to worry about calories, it works out great for the rest of us too!)

 In order to give him a little something extra to stick to his ribs, to get him through the after school hockey practice, we decided to combine a few of his favorite things.

Crescent Rolls, Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, and String Cheese!

He's ALWAYS my helper in the kitchen.
I love that he wants to be involved, and do it all!

They don't look the prettiest, but we are learning!

10 minutes at 375 degrees, and viola!
A nice warm snack to fill him up before an outdoor skate!

Since we didn't have any on hand, we didn't dunk these...
but next time we make them, 
I think dunking them in some heated marinara sauce would really add to the wow factor of these quick, delish little bites!
Have you tried that?

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