Thank you Easter Bunny! (Bak Bak!)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Anyone else remember that commercial, or am I just dating myself?

Well, since it's just us, we, err, I go overboard.
Every. Single. Time.

There are no big family gatherings, no crazy chaos of Easter Egg Hunts with all of their cousins, etc - 
So...we, err, I, go overboard.
 Always have.
Always will.

We LOVE books at our house. 
LOVE them!!
And when you can get mint condition kid's chapter books for just .74 each at the local thrift shop, 
well, why not?

And...since this year we stayed away from home...
the Easter Bunny left a few trinkets there too!

It's not how everyone does it, and it's probably not how they'd prefer it...'s what works for us...

Spoiling these two rotten!

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