Cragun's Resort - A New Family Tradition

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A few highlights from our trip to Cragun's Resort.

Not every day the owner of the resort you are staying at introduces himself and makes sure you are having a great time!

And if you don't have to bother getting dressed from the pool to join in the Friday Night Welcome Buffet? Jackpot!

Seriously...we were worried about that...
We had just arrived, the kids were so excited to swim, but the welcome reception and dinner buffet was starting...what to do...what to do...
No worries!
No shirt, no shoes, no problem!

The kids loved the dessert portion of the buffet, especially!
Big brownies with candy Easter eggs on top!

We enjoyed some family bingo - FREE to play!

And the view from our room...
Even with the late ice out, so gorgeous!

We happened upon some friends, who were there the same weekend that we were...
The kids had a blast with the various activities put on by the resort...





And the dads...and the original photo bomb...BUNNY EARS!

We enjoyed a horse drawn trolley ride - with the most beautiful Clydesdale horses you've ever seen!


We roasted marshmallows by the lake, and drank hot chocolate.

And just because we weren't at home for Easter this year...
Didn't mean the Easter Bunny couldn't come!
He found the kids in the hotel room!

And then the kids found him, at Easter Brunch!

Easter Sunday Family Selfie on Gull Lake!

And one evening, there was even a pretty cool wild animal show!

We don't have any family close enough to celebrate events and holidays with this was a fab way to spend the Easter Weekend, at Cragun's Resort on Gull Lake.

I think this just might become a new family tradition!

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