Monarchs have made it to Minnesota! In May!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last year it was pretty late...and I don't know if we've EVER had Monarchs (eggs!) in May, 

here in Minnesota, in the Gust Gardens... 

But last night, as I was milling around my yard, trying to de-stress and unwind...

I spotted not one, not two, but THREE! THREE MILKWEED EGGS! 

(Here are two of them.)

May 25th, 2015! 

 I have yet to see a Monarch this season - but they must be around somewhere? 
Some of my baby swamp milkweed has been chomped up already, though I haven't seen any hatched cats yet...

I'm seeing tons of swallowtails, and I sure hope they take residence in my dill I've planted just for them...time will tell! For now, they are loving our lilac bushes...I'm glad someone does, because I want to dig those out!

Monarchs are getting a lot of local attention, with the Kare11 folks highlighting it, and I've had some questions asked of me as of late too...

So for those of you wondering what I do when I find the Monarch eggs...
Well, that depends...but something new I started last year is plucking the leaf off the plant
and then placing that on a damp napkin on a styrofoam plate.

 (or just cutting out the egg still attached to the leaf...again, depends on many things, weather, how many Monarchs I have, how much milkweed I have currently growing, etc...)

More posts you might enjoy about Monarchs here in Minnesota - 
we've been doing this a long time now...and we just love it!

We think we started in 2010...
and from last season, when I went a little nuts and got my own little greenhouse to modify and use as a butterfly house.......

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