Halloween 2015!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I feel like their is extra pressure on Halloween, when the kids are allowed to wear costumes at school.

Yes, I KNOW! Isn't that AWESOME that they can!

Anyhoo - the girl knew what she wanted to be, but the boy didn't...so he went along for the ride.

Back to the 50's, anyone?

H and one of her girlfriends, at the school Halloween Party.

I loved this creative Halloween game that I got stationed at.
The kids put their hand in the box, and then write down what they think it was...

Cat Eyeballs = Peeled Grapes
Witch Fingers = Carrots
Vampire Ears = Dried Apricots
Monster Teeth = Corn Kernals
Frankensteins Brain = Cauliflower!

I adore seeing the kids dressed up with all of their friends, having fun at school, being kids!

And later that night, at home...
posing for the obligatory photos for mom!

We had our annual cul de sac bonfire and the weather was so nice!

And because we had sold off all of our furniture that morning, the kids had lots of room to spread out and trade candy with their friends!

A very successful Halloween, 2015!

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