St Louis Missouri - Spring Break (or) Bust!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

This year for Spring Break, we decided to Road Trip it.
Cross a few things off of the Bucket List...

First Stop?


We were arriving into St. Loo, just before 8 pm, and I thought...
I wonder how late the Arch is open?

Maybe we could pop in at night, before we go to our hotel?
Maybe it's cool at night??

So...I pulled up the info on my phone....
What DID we do before smartphones?

Apparently, I should've done my research before we left Minnesota!

You guys!!
I cannot make this up!!

So, we went to the hotel, to make a plan...
We had 10 days off, a car packed full...and zero plan.

That WAS the plans.
Just us and the open road.

After finding out that the Arch, Grant's Farm AND Meramec Caverns were all closed...

ALL closed...

We did the best we could.

dozens of family selfies, as close as we could get!

No Trespassing!


 St Louis did not disappoint, however.

Turns out, they celebrate St. Patty's Day a whole week early, 
and they do it in pretty exciting style!

After taking our selfies outside of the arch, wandering around outside of the (closed!!) Cardinal's Stadium,  and people watching during the St. Patrick's Day parade...

We decided to get out of dodge...

It was cool, literally, with some sprinkles and rain showers mixed in...
but we've got places to go and things to see!

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