Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well, Halloween was a big hit - a huge success at our house ~ The kids came home excited about all the "canny" they got from the daycare party goodie bags - well, Hailey was. Derek could still care less at this point. He wasn't a huge fan of the costume (maybe something to do with the fact that he outgrew the darn thing in the 3-4 weeks that passed since we bought it!! Jeepers!!) Once we got it on him and he could get busy doing things he was fine but he sure didn't enjoy it much.

We started the evenging off a bit rough. Katie and Kallie were our first trick-or-treaters. They rang the doorbell and came in - I'm not sure who was more excited about the girls being here - Bosco or Hailey. In their efforts to be first to see them Bosco inadvertantly knocked Hailey over - she tumbled down a few stairs, face first. She ended up biting through her lip, carpet burn on her chin. I scooped her up, she cried for about a minute telling me "Bobba did it. Bobba did it." After we got her face cleaned up she couldn't get her costume on quick enough and get out the door to join in the fun. "Hurry Daddy Hurry!" We only went to our neighbor-friends places - about 8 houses or so. We are very fortunate to have great great neighbors. It was pretty cute to see Hailey - teamed up with Mason (the two and a half year old neighbor) saying "trick or treat" "her turn" and "kank you." I'm not big on Halloween but it sure is fun to watch the little kids enjoying themselves. I am thinking Hailey will want to don the costume again soon and get herself some more loot in the form of "canny." I'm hoping Daddy will eat it all before she or I do!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Mason the Shark and D the Dragon

D and Zoe face off -


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