Mustang Sally

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yep - that's a Mustang and that's my Sally - AKA - Rob. This picture was taken this summer when Rob's dad came to visit for the weekend - they spent the weekend looking at cars - had a great time. But...Rob's a Sally when it comes to getting himself a car. I guess it's more fun to look at them and talk about them then it is to actually own one and get to drive one whenever you want to. Even though he's talked about getting a car like this one since I met him 7 and a half years ago ~ I think it will be at least another 7 and a half years til he even thinks about doing it for real. I keep trying to tell him life's too short. I don't know how he doesn't get that when every single day we are checking CaringBridge websites for updates on much-too-close to home real life tradgedies of our families and friends. I keep telling him - if you were hit by a bus tomorrow - would you be glad you never bought that Mustang? I know if there was something I wanted this much (other than a lake home that costs significantly more than a silly little car) I'd do it! I wouldn't even think twice about it. He keeps coming up with all sorts of silly excuses why NOT to get one. He says he would feel bad "taking that money away from our family" I don't see that as an issue. We have everything we could ever need or want and more! (Well, maybe not want but we sure have more than we need that's for certain!) What do we go to work for every single day? Certainly not for fun - Life has to be fun - I think this would be fun. I keep telling him he deserves it. Just this past Sunday he wrangled a real live snake out of our garage!! I thought we were past snake season so I was happily trimming down our lilac hedges (with no fear of snakes) while the kids played in the sandbox and Rob raked up leaves. As we wrapped up our outdoor adventure I saw a snake all curled up IN OUR GARAGE NEXT TO THE DRIVERS SIDE OF THE TRAILBLAZER! Mere inches from me!! I didn't freak out (too badly) because the kids were there but there was my husband to the rescue - scooped it up and tossed it out back (which means it has probably returned by now!!) THAT ALONE awards Rob the car he's been longing for! If I didn't think he'd be disappointed in my selection of color, rims, headlights, etc I would just pull the trigger myself and go pick one up for him. The question remains - Can we afford it?? I say we can't afford NOT to. For now - we look at this picture and talk about it. And talk. And talk. And talk.


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