Pretty In Pink???

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, she's pretty alright but check out that eye! That's right - our first experience with pink eye! GRRRRRR. I find it quite the coincidence that we spent Thanksgiving with children who were "no longer contagious" but using eye drops and low and behold - I get the dreaded call from daycare today saying come get your kid!! Poor H - I went to pick her up and her eye was all red and goopy - darn near swollen shut. She barely said a word on the drive up from Prior Lake to Eagan and was super quiet at Dr. Jason's as well - so not like her. We came home with drops to use and orders to keep her home tomorrow and see how things go after that. Figures as we are planning our first trip home in 6 months on Thursday! Hailey's been taking her drops fairly well overall - the key is to get them into her eye before she turns her head. Ho hum. Dr. Jason tells me he doesn't think it will spread to Derek and I sure hope the other kids at daycare don't get it - who wants to be "that family" that starts the cooties going around daycare! Sheesh! Rob is staying home with her tomorrow - I know they'll have a great day together as it's amazing how different it is having one on one time with the kids vs. trying to keep up with both of them. Hopefully the drops go well for Daddy and for H. We are blessed with healthy children - not much comes our way in the form of colds, never had an ear infection, etc etc but - She's pretty in pink.


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