deja vu

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well...I believe we are experiencing some form of DeJa Vu in the Gust household. Today, as I'm sitting at my desk painstakingly doing my work my phone rings - Another whack job patient wondering how their computer works?? Not so. It was Lisa. Again. Yep, another come get your kid call - this time, the little man. Derek now has pink eye - Turns out pink really IS the new black as we are wearing it proudly in our house. Daddy went to get the little monster and his sister at lunchtime so as to hopefully not infect any of the others - I'll be home with Derek tomorrow - (Well, maybe not home - he and I may take advantage of the day and hit the mall) But, at least we've been through this now - we know what the drops are all about, blah blah blah - I can no longer say Derek has never been sick!! ho hum.


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