North Da-COLD-a

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One only needs to go back home to North Dakota this time of year to realize that weather in the Twin Cities isn’t so bad after all! Wowsers! The Gust Family ventured to NoDak last Thursday night – we hesitated because of Hailey being sick last week but decided what the heck – we’ll just start out and see what happens – the kids were fantastic on the drive up there so we were enjoying life, until we stopped for gas in Fergus Falls . Yikes! The temps were below zero and the wind chills were worse!! The wind was bone-chilling and the cold was unbearable! When the weather is that cold your whole body just aches – a person tries to curl up inside themselves as a protective mechanism…being outside for a couple short minutes and my back and neck were so stiff, it was hard to relax. AND - that wasn’t even as cold as it was GOING to be when we reached our destination! How on earth did we live back there for so many years?!?!!??!?!?!?
Talk of the first big winter storm of the season cut our trip short – Had it just been Rob and I we could have maybe tried coming back after the weekend weather but with the kids and the dog – who wants to be stuck in a ditch somewhere – or worse.

Though the trip was a quick one – we enjoyed seeing the Grandma’s. As always – Grandma Gladys and Grandma Betty welcomed us – ALL OF US – with open arms and open homes. It sure is nice that we can go for a visit – wreak havoc on their homes in such a short amount of time and still be welcomed back. When we had thought we were going for just one night we lined up Betsy and Tammy to look after Bosco – I was very excited to take a trip without him as he whines and barks when we enter a town (any town) along the way – he wants to have his head out the window (which he can’t now that the kids are in the back seat) and he wants to get out of the car and who all knows what else he wants. It’s unnerving to listen to him not to mention the fact that he wakes the kids up if they are sleeping. Had he not looked so pathetic laying in between our bags when we were packing up – resting his head on one of them and being ever-so-still and quiet when we were getting ready – He just may have been left at home!! Though I wasn’t sure Betsy and Tammy would be able to take him for the entire weekend had we been able to stay in NoDak until Sunday. I guess I should have just asked them. Next time – he is staying home. Not 10 minutes after we arrived at Grandma Gladys’ in Fargo , Bosco barfed all over her apartment. The woman has tile floors throughout the whole place – but guess where Bosco threw up?? On her kitchen rug and in her bedroom – Rob cleaned up one mess, I cleaned up the other and thankfully she let us spend the night!! It was much too cold to venture out again that late at night! (I think he may have been car sick from having to ride in the back of the trailblazer.)

Hailey and Great-Grandma Gladys spent the majority of the visit playing tea party and Derek spent his time there “exploring” her apartment and all of her holiday knick-knacks. Thankfully he only broke one thing – and again, we are grateful she didn’t give us the boot!! As we were watching the weather reports and getting ready to head back to the Cities, Rob decided that since we were that close to GF we better make a quick trip up there and say hi – drop off a few Christmas gifts – we scurried up to GF and said hi to Grandma Betty where she spoiled us all like usual – Bosco got to rest on her couch with a belly full of treats and a new chew toy – Rob and I got Red Pepper Grinders and Cheese Tostadas (along with Village Chips and Sauce to bring home) and the kids got new toys to play with. She also got the kids a brand-spankin’ new dual DVD player for the car to make the long road trips more bearable. I have always said I wasn’t going to use a DVD player in the car and everyone tells me they are a saving Grace and I will love it. We haven’t had a chance to test it out yet because the kids were perfect angels for the entire trip but, I do think it might be nice for us in the future – and make it easier to go to NoDak a bit more often. Thank you Grandma Betty. Just as quickly as we got there it was time to hit the road. I love the fact that even though we only see the Grandparents a couple/few times a year, our kids have no trouble opening up with them and playing – there is no “warm up period” no being shy – they just jump right in and give hugs and kisses and lots and lots of love.

The trip was fantastic though much too short and I think we are all looking forward to the next trip. (When the weather is much much warmer!!) DG


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