Why Why Why Why Why Why WHHHY

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, we can barely believe it but it's happened at the Gust house. The Why question. Every. Single. Thing. We. Say. Hailey asks us..."Why?" Rob and I have both been trying very hard to answer every single one of them but so far, only twice has she given us an "oh-kaaaay" like we used to get when we'd answer her! Sheesh!

I cannot believe it's here already!! I did not know this starts this early!! She's one smart cookie though - a little sponge that one - that's why we know it's so very important to answer the questions instead of just shrugging them off. We recently got a progress report for Hailey from our daycare provider. She tells us that Hailey is the smartest two year old she's ever had in her seven years of doing daycare. Rob and I both knew she was smart - "gifted" we joke - but it was sure nice to hear the compliments and have them written out in the form of a progress report! I was expecting the old S = Satisfactory, N= Needs Improvement run down - with mostly N's in the way of sharing, playing nicely with others, eating her veggies, etc etc etc.
We DID get that report too but Hailey does much better than I give her credit for sometimes. Guess it's just at home (mostly) she has trouble sharing!!

Derek had his 1 year well child check last Friday - he weighed in at 22 pounds 2 oz...I would NOT believe it if I hadn't seen the scale with my own eyes. I could swear he's at LEAST 30 pounds but I guess it just feels that way when you are lugging him around all day. (And half the night!) He was pretty mad about the three shots and the blood draw from his finger but I think what he was most mad about was me holding him still for the time those things took. Man, he HATES to be held still. We think he's teething but one can't be sure - he's a little more crabby than we are used to - nothing a trip to Grandma's can't fix - we'll have to get one on the books here soon.
I thought that when I was 9 months pregnant with Derek and trying to take care of our 14 months old that was going to be the hardest that things were ever going to be. Giving myself insulin shots several times a day - leaning over that horrid whirlpool tub to give Hailey baths, rotovirus...
Then Derek came and he was a tough newborn - and I thought that was pretty tough - some days I wasn't sure who was crying harder - and now...here we are...And Derek is one and Hailey is two and oh, what I wouldn't give for a couple of good solid hours of sleep these days. I know it gets easier. It has to. But in my next life I'm going to make sure we live a little closer to Grandma's house!


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