Now why didn't I think of that??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So it's no secret that Derek has pretty much given up what little sleeping he used to do. Lately when people have been asking me about him I tell them - well, he's not been a very good sleeper at night which in turn means I'm not sleeping too well at night right now. To which they usually say something like - "Have you tried leaving him in his crib?"

Heavens. Letting him cry himself into hysteria in the middle of the night which would then in turn wake his sister across the hall, resulting in waking up the dad...It seems like such a simple solution! Why didn't I think of that??? Now I'm not a real patient person sometimes but I can gaurantee that I would much rather scoop Derek up in the night - regardless of what time it is, vs listening to him at his wit's end during the middle of the night setting off a chain reaction to the rest of the family. Who knows what's wrong with him, maybe he's teething, maybe he had a nightmare, maybe he's not sleepy and is bored in his crib, maybe he just misses his family - All I know is if we can make life better for him - we have to. If it means consoling him during the wee hours of the night - so be it.

Yeah, Derek and I aren't getting much sleep these days - but isn't that better than NONE of us getting any??


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