North Da-Cold-A...Again

Monday, February 25, 2008

I know I say this alot but wow - is time really flying by! It's already been a week ago today since Rob and I were back home in North Dakota for his uncle's funeral. Last Monday we attended services for his 56 year old uncle Mike - found dead of a heart attack, when else - Valentine's Day. We got the call on Valentine's Day and debated about the trip back to North Dakota - Rob was going no question and the kids and I decided to join him. (Rob's birthday was the 16th and we still have to make that up to him) It was another long yet short trip. The kids did great on the way up there - much better than I did. It wasn't snowing but it was sure blowing! The winds were whipping the snowflakes that had already fallen around so much it was white out conditions for much of the drive! By the time we arrived in GF I was pretty tense - and I wasn't even driving! PLANT SOME TREES PEOPLE! Plant some trees!! It was a long drive up there to say the least - the ride home, not much nicer but this time just due to the fact that Derek voiced his displeasure in the long drive in the form of yelling at us for almost the entire five hours!! At least the weather cooperated - I had forgotten the unpleasantness of winter driving up there - we aren't veterans anymore on the North Dakota roadways!!

All in all it was great to see everyone, even though we wish the circumstances would have been more pleasant - a quick visit with all of the grandparents, a handful of cousins and other relates - we wish it could be longer but it's hard for us to get it all in on those quick trips - not to mention it's hard on the kids to be bounced around so much in such a short time. They just start getting comfortable and it's time to move on to the next person, place or thing. Kids thrive on routine and there is certainly nothing of the sort when we head "home" to NoDak. (Still North Da-COLD-a) It's always so much easier when people come to us!! (hint hint!!)


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