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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ugh...What a looong weekend we had! Starting on Wednesday. After the big car debacle from earliar...Rob decided to head out and test drive on Wednesday night after I got home from the dentist...The kids and I were hanging out - Hailey quietly watching tv, Derek fell fast asleep in my arms at 7 pm. Easy! Then, as I decided to head towards D's room he began projectile vomiting all over me. Blah. I called Rob and told him to come right home - what's worse than pulling a sweatshirt covered in vomit over your head??? That set the stage for the coming days - Derek didn't throw up again (until Sunday morning at 5 am) but he did have runny poo every hour on the hour until 2:30 am. Thankfully my wonderful husband got up with me every time and helped me change diapers, clothes, etc. Thursday was much the same all day and Friday it had lessened to just three icky diapers for the little man...HURRAY - or so I thought. At 2 am Hailey woke up crying - I get up to her room to find her covering her mouth and puking. ALL. OVER. HER. BED. Her blankies, her stuffed animals, herself, myself. So...into the tubby we go at 2:30 am. At 4 am the Daddy came and relieved me so I could try and get some rest...Our poor little Miss H. threw up for the next 15 hours - couldn't keep ANYTHING down - not even a baby goldfish cracker, not a sip of water, anything. She and Daddy got really good at racing to the bathroom and getting MOST of it into the toilet. I wasn't so good at that part and ended up wearing quite a bit of it as my little Angel was clinging to my neck for dear life. Barf or no barf, how do you un-cling your 2 year old from around your neck when she's saying "I don't want to throw up" and you know it's coming out and there's nothing you can do to stop it! You don't. You just let it come out and you pray the smell doesn't trigger your own vomit!! Saturday night we saw light at the end of the tunnel when the family all fell asleep in the living room, watching what else - NEMO of course - Sunday morning Derek woke up, barfed on me and then fell back to sleep (after getting cleaned up...)
We were on pins and needles all day on Sunday - every drink of water, every little goldfish cracker consumed...but we made it. (again.) Thank goodness for team work - what would we have done without each other on that long long weekend?? I don't know how you single parents do it but I don't envy you one bit! I am lucky to have such a good Daddy to help us out in times like this! Hopefully it's all over and we are looking forward to good health from here on out!!


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