SUPER (bowl?) Weekend!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I heard something about a Superbowl game this weekend but that doesn't mean much to a mom like me - not even the commercials anymore as who gets to sit down and watch anything before 10 pm! Anyway - we had a SUPER weekend as our best friends Ryan and Alicia (finally) delivered their first baby! Evan Ryan was born on Saturday afternoon and we were lucky enough to be invited in to meet him not even two hours after Evan arrived! He is so very precious. It's simply amazing holding a life so new. There are just no words to describe what goes through your mind, and your heart, when you are holding a brand new baby. (I suppose my tears show some sort of story but there are just no words to describe the feelings you have.) The kids LOVED him - Derek was gentle and Hailey was beside herself and just plain giddy. Alicia looked fantastic and had a nice delivery - much deserved after a pretty long 40 weeks leading up to this! Dad himself was pretty excited. They sure made it look easy that's for sure!! We snuck a couple of Miller Lites in to the hospital and the Dads toasted the new arrival while watching the start of the UND/MN hockey game. I am thankful that we were able to share in their special day, the j0y, the excitement. A part of me feels like this baby is OURS too - Ryan and Alicia are our family - we love them so much and look forward to loving this little guy as well. Derek and Evan are only 13 months apart in age - Ryan and Rob are only 2 weeks difference in age - I can only imagine what the "older" influence will have on the younger but look out world - mini versions of Ryan and Rob out there...YIKES! Congratulations Ryan and Alicia - Welcome little Evan!! We love you all!

Other SUPER things this weekend of note...Another HUGE baby congrats to Jill and Kelly friends of ours in Fargo who welcomed little Sophia Faye-Marie on Friday - Two healthy babies in one weekend - what more could I ask for?? Congratulations Kelly and Jill! Can't wait to meet her! This is Baby Sofie - isn't she SWEET!

Also - Derek decided he DOES know how to walk on those things on the end of his legs...AKA his feet. He officially took more than 3 unassisted steps at once this weekend - not ALL weekend but for most of the day on Saturday he was showing off his skills - I think that's pretty SUPER! It probably should have been the big headliner of this blog but those babies have me pretty ga ga. Hopefully D will do that more actual walking than the crazy knee-walk from here on out - I think life will be a little easier?? I said I think...don't quote me because I know he'll be dashing down the isles of Target trying to get away from me and hide but we are going through pants like crazy here as he's already wearing holes in the knees at 13 months old!


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