Panty Princess!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, we've been really concentrating on potty training the past couple of weeks. It's going fairly well - I got little Miss H. some new panties last week - My little Pony and more Dora ones. She loves to wear them and will tell us - "No diaper" She hasn't had an accident in almost 2 weeks and has used the potty numerous times since then, but of course she still has to wear a diaper at daycare - she's just too busy to even THINK about taking time out for potty breaks there. I do hope that changes soon! She doesn't really care what her reward is but she is loving the temporary tatoos we've been giving her after she goes. She still loves money for her piggy bank but oddly doesn't have a preference. I think the praise we give her when she goes seems to be good enough for her! Hopefully it stays that way! Check out the little Diva sporting her new pony panties!!


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