I won the lottery!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

ok, not really - but I feel like I did. After several days of trying - and one near "altercation" I finally got my hands on a museum adventure pass! What is this you ask? It's a slip of paper available from my local library that admits two free to the MN Zoo - a golden ticket if you will! Each library location has X number of these little laminated cards that you turn in for a slip of paper good for 7 days at a local "adventure." This little slip of paper saves Rob and I $28.00 for just THE TWO OF US to go to the zoo. Now, any of you who know me know I really don't even like the MN Zoo - I much prefer Como Zoo - where it's not only free, but the animals are always much easier to see as they hang out in the open vs. hiding at the MN Zoo...BUT...right now the MN Zoo has Farm Babies and Hailey LOVES farm babies. She gets very excited when we pass by farms on the way to daycare and just recently asked Auntie Amy on the phone - "Do you have baby sheep at your home?" - confusing her with Auntie Linda who has baby cows at her home! he he he

Anyway - Rob and I have really been trying to take advantage of what the Twin Cities has to offer and it sure is nice to get a nice fat discount ($28) on something fun going on around here. Just this morning Hailey informed me that her dad is buying her a scooter, "with two handles" on it - apprently that is to go along with the "bike and helmet too" that she keeps talking about. Funny the things she comes up with (and remembers!!) All I know is, if we are going to be able (to continue) to afford to spoil her rotten then we have to take the discounts where we can...
Thank you MELSA for the adventure pass! Now, if only the weather will cooperate with us this weekend so we can go and enjoy a beautiful farm baby outing!! (Did you know last year at this time the weather was a whopping 81 degrees outside HERE IN MINNESOTA?)


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