D's First Haircut

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well, I finally broke down and did it. We took the comb over off! I was getting nervous (for several months actually) about D's Grandpa Do he had going on - there were days it didn't seem so bad and other days it was obnoxious. I was scared to lose the curls in the back but...Big Sister was getting hers done and being Heather the HairCut Gal has a son Miss H's age I knew she'd be a good one to help me...Yes, we lost the curls but I just LOVE his little boy cut. She couldn't go too short as it's not entirely filled in (yet!!) but it really does look much better to get those fuzzy ends off. He did such a great job sitting in the chair - of course - who wouldn't when you get the complimentary sucker to keep you busy!


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