Zippidy Do Dah!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zippidy Ay - My oh my what a wonderful day it was yesterday! Driving home from work my truck (yes, the trusty old trailblazer) read 54 degrees! That's like 200 degrees warmer than it was just a week or two ago!
Hip Hip Hurray! It's amazing what a person can accomplish (or thinks they can!) when the weather is actually nice outside! Sleep or no sleep - the sun shining and the snow melting and the nice weather...sure puts a spring in your step!
Ok, I know it's not nice by SOME standards but after the winter we've had...what a GREAT day! It's nice to see the grass poking out from under the snow...and I'm secretly hoping the weather man is right and we do get some rain later today - We could use a good soaking to clean up the mess that old man winter left behind! (and wash away some of that dog poo out back!)
The kids had a blast playing outside and Derek was sure mad when it was time to go in the house - but...he slept all night long! Thank you Lord for fresh air and the ability to enjoy it!

We also enjoyed the Children's Museum this past weekend - we went early in the day and the kids were able to get in and enjoy the exhibits before the chaos got started later in the day. This time there was only one boy who needed a good spankin' for his actions instead of the gaggles of them on the 3rd Free Sunday nightmare! This weekend the Nickelodeon Theme Park opens at the Mall of America. Now...before you rush to judgment - I'm in no means a fan of the Mall of America in any way, shape or form but I HAVE been looking forward to this new theme park arrival - Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans...Our kids will be in I read in the paper that the annual passes are now $250.00 (up from just $99.00 before Nickelodeon moved in.) The reason for the price increase?? To match up with Disneyland in California at $259 and DisneyWorld in Florida which is $245.00 for their annual pass. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? The MOA thinks they are worth more than a DisneyWorld Orlando annual pass? I hardly think so - hopefully the rest of the world will agree with me and they'll have to reduce their prices! Talk about price gauging! Sorry kids - I'd rather save the $5.00 and convince Daddy we need to go to Orlando a few times a year to use the Disney pass than pay that much to the MOA. They are acting like my crazy patient at work who tells me ... "Don't you know who I am?" I don't think the MOA rivals Disney AT ALL...Dora, Diego...the rest of you Nick Characters...Sorry 'bout that - but we'll save our adventure pass money for the big wigs...Mickey, Minnie, etc...


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