Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, the debate continues but it's getting closer and closer to there being a deciding vote. I don't know how successful demanding a recount would be when there are only two of us voting. How awful I must sound to say I don't want a new vehicle but I don't. I have a perfectly fine working SUV. I would much rather Rob get himself a shiny new sports car like he's been talking about for all of his life. It's not looking that way - he wants to replace my trailblazer with a new SUV. Why trade an apple for an apple I say - let's get a hot fudge sundae for him instead - life's too short to not enjoy it. We just don't know when our number is up - when our dash is completed ... but, his arguments are valid - The trailblazer has been ours for almost 6 years. Six pretty darn good years as far as vehicles go - but, we if we are looking to keep it we will be needing to start sinking large sums of money into it for maintenance, etc etc. And then...do things only get worse from there?? A thousand bucks here, five hundred there, another 1500 for this, that and the other thing??
He tells me if we have to use my apple analogy then we're replacing an apple core with a shiny new apple. I don't want a shiny new apple. I don't know why I'm so attached to that stupid trailblazer. Maybe it's because it's ok to drop the occasional Jr. Mint on the floor, maybe it's because the front bumper is already cracked courtesy of me when I rear-ended a lady who wasn't going fast enough (just kidding on that part). It could just be the fact that it's paid for and that money could be redirected to my lake home (in my dreams) or at the very least a lake vacation. I think that the trailblazer has become like a house for me. Besides my real house and my office (and Target of course) it's the only place I spend any time anymore - much less get alone time - I guess it's a little safe haven for me. I can practically drive it with my eyes closed (and maybe sometimes do??). I don't mind the obnoxious amount of dog hair that sticks to the floor - I don't get excited about the occasional gummy worm stuck to the seat...in a brand new vehicle that all changes. You can't spend that amount of money only to spill chili cheese burrito in between the seats, drop Jr. Mints on the floor mat or spray pop out your nose when you are laughing at your children while driving!! Ah, the trailblazer. It's been a good ride. At least for me. I know the husband doesn't like it - but I do. And I'm the one that drives it 99% of the time. I don't know what I'm worried about - we are at a point in our lives that we can afford a new car - I just want it to be a "fun" car for my hubby - I'm not working to just keep replacing stuff - If it were up to me that sum of money would be spent on a car for my man - he works hard, he deserves it - and if he doesn't want a car for himself - then let's start on my list...a new deck, a bathroom remodel, new carpet...We have friends that don't bat an eye at spending much sillier, larger sums than this...what is my problem???
Ride Sally Ride.


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