The Camera Adds 10 pounds

Monday, June 9, 2008

So if the camera really does add 10 pounds then I am in trouble. A. lot. of. trouble. This may be our fifteen minutes of fame and tomorrow is a big day for us. A HUGE day for us. Well, more for me than for Rob cuz he could really care less - but...tomorrow afternoon we have a television producer/scout coming over to scope out our bathroom for a new home makeover show they are currently working on for the DIY Network! Finally, I have convinced someone in tv land that our bathroom really is ugly enough to warrant some professional makeover help! This by no means guarantees they will pick us for the show, but having a scout out to the house is further than I've ever gotten before and I've applied for these shows hundreds of times over the years! I'm finally getting excited about our house - after living in it for seven years!! I recently saw our same model of house with the wall that divides the kitchen and living room taken out and a nice large kitchen counter top in it's place...I want that...I need that! And a new deck, and a four season porch, and...and...and...recession schmession!

One thing at a tomorrow - the bathroom - the possibility of a new bathroom - oooh! I'm giddy with excitement!
Wish me (us) luck! They want to interview us on camera and check out our bathroom - from there - we'll have to see what happens but I couldn't be more excited about the possibility of getting that dreary old bathroom a face lift!! I am with Rob in the fact that I'd rather not be on camera myself - perhaps I can convince them to show just my hand with a hammer knocking out some crusty old tile?? I'm willing to go on camera for a few minutes if it means getting a shiny new bathroom - but if only I could get the camera to take AWAY 10 pounds...


Anonymous said...

I hope it went well and you get a shiny new bathroom!

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