Cancer Sucks

Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Wednesday Rob's former colleague - daughter of one of his current colleagues - lost her battle with breast cancer. Amy was just 36 years old. Rob and I attended her memorial/visitation this weekend. Heart wrenching to watch her family go through such a terrible tragedy. Seems this year has been just full of slap-in-the-face reminders that life is not a guarantee and we need to live our lives to the fullest. Please pray for Amy's husband Mark and their two young sons Zach and Cody, along with the rest of her grieving family and friends. I cannot imagine how much it must hurt. Burying a child is something no parent should ever have to go through, regardless of the age of the child - My heart aches for Amy's parents. While Amy is no longer suffering, her family must now figure out how to move forward with their lives. A seemingly impossible task when the grief is so new.


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